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Reliability based services

Qualified and reliable services

Veriffy provides certified and reliable services that meets highest quality and safety requirements.

ISO standard Description
ISO 27018 An international information security management standard that helps organizations to protect personally identifiable information in public clouds.
ISO 27001 An international information security management standard that organizations follow to protect their information resources from unauthorized access, risks and attacks, ensuring their safety and security.
ISO 20000-1 An international information technology service management standard that helps organizations ensure high-quality IT service delivery and process management.
ISO 14001 An international environmental management standard that helps organizations manage their environmental impact and achieve long-term sustainable development.
ISO 9001 An international standard that defines quality management systems and helps organizations ensure that their products and services meet customer requirements and are of high quality.

Veriffy provides Qualified validation services for qualified electronic signatures and seals based on:

Name Version
Operational Regulations and Policies for the Provision of Qualified Services v1.3, valid from 2024-03-01
Privacy policy v2.2, valid from 2024-03-01
Terms of Use of Qualified Services v2.0, valid from 2024-03-01
Personal Data Processing Agreement v2.2, valid from 2024-03-01
Qualified validation service price list v1.0, valid from 2024-03-01

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