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The Veriffy Cloud API Services provide a scalable and customizable solution for businesses that require e-signing and digital identity management functionality in their applications. Our RESTful API makes it easy to integrate Veriffy into your existing application infrastructure. With our API, you can create seamless, secure and compliant e-signing and identity management experiences for your users.

Cloud API

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Sign documents with confidence using Veriffy qualified digital signing solution.

Multiple file formats

Multiple file formats

Compose and supports all known digital document formats in the Baltic States – ADoc, BDoc, CDoc, DDoc, FFData, EGAS, MDoc, PDF-LT and supports European Union digital document formats – PAdES(PDF), ASiC-E.

Customize to your unique needs and systems

Customize to your unique needs and systems

User interface – HTML5 design, Customer Branding, CSS customization, Multi Language (LT, LV, EE, EN, RU), UI steps for different scenarios

Qualified signing

Qualified signing

Confirms digital documents with a timestamp

External user signing

External user signing

Enables the initiation of qualified signing with external participants of the organization.



REST API, Swagger documentation, Java SDK, Sample code, HTML identification widget, Internet browser plugins and other



Easy to integrate with other information systems, such as ERP, BMS, DMS, FMS and etc.

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Our API solution for qualified digital signatures is designed to integrate with any information system. Enables you to turn your working documents into qualified digital documents. Unified module:
Confirms personal identity in a qualified manner, according to the EU regulation.

What features does the API solution offer?

Veriffy API solution offers a range of features to simplify your document management process. You can easily prepare and manage documents for signing, capture signatures electronically, and verify signer identities. Our platform provides a complete audit trail for each document, integrates with other systems, and is mobile compatible. We also comply with industry standards and regulations to ensure your documents are legally binding.

How easy is it to integrate the service with my existing systems?

Veriffy is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. You can connect to our platform through REST API. This means that you can easily incorporate digital signing functionality into your workflow without having to overhaul your existing systems. Our team of experts can guide you through the integration process and provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.

How much does the API Cloud cost?

The cost of the Portal Service varies depending on your specific needs and requirements. Please check Pricing page for more detailed information.

Veriffy Cloud API solution offers a robust and secure way for signing documents and user identification. You can easily integrate our API into your existing systems to streamline your document signing and approval process. Our digital signatures service is compliant with the highest level of security standards, including eIDAS and the EU Trust Service Providers Regulation. Plus, Veriffy offers advanced features such as user authentication, multi-signature support, document verification, and timestamping. Our signing process is designed to be user-friendly, enabling anyone to sign documents with ease. We also offer extensive documentation and support to help you get started quickly.

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We understand that regulatory changes to e-signature technology can be overwhelming. Let Veriffy take care of the technical details so you can focus on your business goals.

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Our APIs are designed with ease-of-use in mind, allowing your in-house development team or third-party integration provider to seamlessly integrate the chosen API into your information system.

Start using our service right away, no initial investment required

Choosing our API solutions means you can start using the solution immediately, without any need for up-front investments or additional infrastructure.

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