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User-friendly portal simplifies digital document signing for individuals and businesses alike.
Easily create, manage and share digitally signed documents that are legally binding and compliant with European eIDAS regulation.

Documents Portal

Stronger together


Our digital signature and document management combo help streamline workflows, reducing the time and effort needed to integrate several solutions.

Access your data from anywhere

Access your data from anywhere

Cloud-based document portal allow users to access their documents from anywhere, at any time, using any device with an internet connection.

Customize to your unique needs and systems

Customize to your unique needs and systems

As a qualified signing and document management provider, we understand every business has different needs. Portal service let you create signing and approval workflows to fit your document flow needs.

Most cost effective

Most cost effective

Designed to be the most cost-effective for individuals and small-scale organizations looking for all-in-one paperless document management solution.

Essential tools for working smarter

Boosting productivity

Create from Templates

Enter data in forms and create Word or PDF documents from templates.


Use Mobile ID, Smart ID, itsMe, eParaksts, USB tokens, national ID card to create PDF, ASiC-E, ADOC or BDOC digital document containers.

Store and Share

Organize your documents, invite external users to review and sign.

About service

Document signing and management portal

Your one-stop solution for digital document management and signatures

What is the Portal Service?

The Portal Service is a digital signature and document management platform that allows you to sign, store and manage your documents in a secure and centralized location.

How does the Portal Service work?

The Portal Service allows you to upload your documents, sign them electronically, and share them with other users. You can also manage your documents by setting up folders, assigning access permissions, and tracking the status of your documents in real-time.

Is the Portal Service secure?

Yes, the Portal Service is designed with security in mind. Your documents are protected in Microsoft Azure European data centers, and we adhere to industry-standard security protocols to ensure that your data is safe and secure.

Can I customize the Portal Service to meet my specific needs?

Portal Service is customizable. You can set up folders, assign access permissions, and organize approval workflows.

How do I sign a document using the Portal Service?

To sign a document using the Portal Service, simply upload the document to the platform, add your signature, and save the document. You can then invite other users to sign, just share or download it for your own use.

Can I collaborate with other users on a document using the Portal Service?

The Portal Service allows for real-time collaboration on documents. You can share a document with other users, set up access permissions, and work together on the same document simultaneously.

How much does the Portal Service cost?

The cost of the Portal Service varies depending on your specific needs and requirements. Please check Pricing page for more detailed information.

As a qualified digital signature and document management provider, we offer a portal service that streamlines your document management processes.

Portal service provides a secure, centralized location where you can access and manage all your documents, sign electronically, and collaborate with other users.

Our portal service is designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and powerful search capabilities, helping you to find and manage your documents with ease.

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